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Is it just me?

Just a short one! What I get when I have no idea what to wear with that one new piece of clothing or that one piece that I still hadn't worn anywhere ( like this afternoon, I was throwing my clothes everywhere because I couldn't find anything that matched my new shoes) is that I start feeling guilty. Not because I spent money on something I can hardly wear , but because I feel...bad for the item of clothing in question. It's almost like I owe that piece of clothing. If it's not worn for a while, then I start thinking; God, I need to wear it more often. Is this..insane?
I have finally figured out what I want to be with Carnaval! It's going to be a mix of Luna Lovegood and the Mad Hatter ~a female version of it, that is. Taking the wonderful Johnny Depp and Evanna Lynch as the characters as inspiration.

Isn't she adorable!

Isn't he handsomely creepy

And I was thinking as this for hair and make-up reference

Only a bit more extreme.
Okay. I'm dying. Almost everybody I know is dying- of grief. OUR FAVOURITE BAR BURNED DOWN THIS AFTERNOON. Seriously. I only ever went there, knew almost everyone there - at least by face- and the bartenders were funny and good with their liquor. Now where will we go?!
The building will have to be rebuilt, that's how bad it is.
So many good memories were made there, friendships build and relationships broken. I don't think there will be anything like that bar for a long time, and I will miss it.
Love to La Strada, people!
I will miss you!

College, friends and stuff

Speaking with my parents about going to college and everything has made me slightly depressed. I've always thought it would be exciting, finally going away from this little place and the same old people but really, it also means being away from all of my friends and my family.
Somehow though, family would be easier to deal with, since I don't see them all that often anyway. It's the friends part that does me in.
I'd considered the option of living at home , at least for the first year, but the trip to Tilburg is at least 1 and a half hour spent in the train, and then another half an hour in a bus. Which sucks because then I would have to get out of bed super super early and I do not deal with little sleep well...
So that leaves the option of living with other students in a house, something that scares the shit out of me. Seriously, the thought of it alone is frightening. I'm afraid they won't understand my insanity at all and send me to a mental home or something.
Not getting along with strangers is something I excel in , in my own opinion. Yeah,I can talk to random people about random stuff, but I usually end up getting odd looks or feeling very superficial. Me and my friends, we discuss EVERYTHING. There is not a topic left untouched. And that is something special, something I don't think I can find in other people.
Also, the difference between people from different provinces is quite huge. The habits are so different and I always get the feeling other Dutch people look down upon the province I come from, but that may be just me. Communication could be another problem. Me and my friends, we have this own lingo for all different things, and of course there is streetlanguage that I don't understand and which some people from other provinces are fluent in. I can already picture a conversation in my head.
me;"Errr, wut?"
Yeahh... Anyway...I guess I'll have to suck it up and deal with it.
But that doesn't mean I'm going to have to like it.
Just because it makes me happy....

Well well. I have another obsession update. Twilight. Yes, the Americans reading this will be surprised, I suppose, but when I heard of the book I was intrigued... yet one of my classmates had read them, and told me that I should only read the first book, because the rest of them were not as good, seeing as Edward was an ass in the beginning of New Moon. And that´s when I saw some of the trailers for the Twilight movie. Here always begins my other obsession, Robert Pattinson. That man is delicous.

*wipes off drool*
Anyway, as I became more and more obsessed with Edward Cullen and the Twilight movie, I decided to get the books anyway. I could not stand the suspension of what I would miss out on any longer. I mentioned it to my-now-ex-boyfriend and he got me Twilight. I started reading at about 14.00 and finished that same day at 21.22. I was lost then. Monday, the day I broke up with the boyfriend, I bought New Moon and Eclipse. New Moon was finished in a couple of hours as well- which resulted in me staying up till twelve at night. Needless to say, I was exhausted. This is why Eclipse was finished today instead of yesterday, I had to force myself to stop reading. It was difficult, I admit.
What I am trying to say is, the Twilight Series are addictive. I can now see where that craze comes from. And since I saw the movie on Sunday, I have been quoting it since with my friend (KRISJEEEEEEEEE) ...I admit it, we spoof a little too. I dunno if anyone recalls it, but it's the scene where Edward says; Say it. Out loud. SAY IT' and then Bella whispers 'Vampire'. We replace the vampire with queer.
I have been quoting Rob too. He once said in an interview that he had to train, so he could fit Stephanie Meyers perfect Edward, but he was unable to get a sixpack and he yelled; THIS IS WHAT I AM, I DON'T HAVE A SIXPACK, BELLA!' it still cracks me up. Seriously, if you have some time off your hands, go watch some Rob Pattinson interviews, he's hilarious. And of course...I have been going through my hair with my hand a lot since I saw them. It's contagious. Though, I still wash it every other day, unlike Rob (says so himself..)
Anyway, this will be a short one, ending with

"Briefly in Boxers"

Hello! Nothing really interesting, except an Obsession Update. I have absolutely fallen in love with Marie Antoinette and her amazing style. I want to see the movie so badly, and I am going to look for it, deffo! I dressed up like her ~well, modernized, of course ~ to a party of my two good friends and I loved it! The poof I helped along with a fishnet stocking rolled-up and pinned to my hair. I forgot to take pictures...But I am certain that I will do it again Saturday, because I loved loved loved my hair. I will try and remember to take pictures then!
I also believe in more outrageous hairstyles when going out ...or even going to school. I'd do that, but seeing as I ride the bike to school, it probably will be ruined by the time I arrive...*SOB* *thinks of bad Sirius Black joke*

Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette. Isn't she gorgeous?

*sighs* the hair...*swoon*]

I will definitely be trying this one.

Err, talk about creepy smiles...

I got my clothes! I ordered them from Yesstyle.com and they arrived yesterday! YAY! It was super fast , too! I think I ordered not even a week ago!
Pictures are obviously in order!

The ruffled shorts! It looks like a skirt if you just stand still, but they're actually shorts! Aren't they adorable?! Now, I just have to find out how to wear 'em and make them not look like Grannies underpants!

A close-up of the shorts. Yay for teh cuteness *gushes*

White dress with see-through inside and arms,

Can you tell I like that fabric? It's the same one as on the shorts xD

White slipdress with a ruffled hem

Close-up of the ruffles. Aren't they pretty?

It's fluffy! It's cute! It's warm!

A close-up of the ears and fabric. It's like a stuffed animal!

Sorry for the blurryness!

It's slightly padded,like the Chanel-bag! And it has a cute lil' panda!

That's the most interesting stuff actually. I got some socks and a weird hooded muffler, but they didn't show up very well on camera!

I'm so happy with it!

And, as I am posting photo's anyway, how about I post some Make-up ones? *to help the ugly out there * NO JUST KIDDING! * NO* *YES

Don't chuu just love my expressions in photo's to come..

Ignore my hair

Sorry about it being flipped over

I loved doing that one! More to come, since I'll be doing some outrageous stuff for my art-class

Nov. 16th, 2008

So, from not updating in a month to updating twice in a week. Eh eh eh ...But I do have something interesting and slightly infuriating to tell. Well, slightly...It really is just infuriating.
Let us begin the story. I was called by my mate, let's call her M and she told me that she was going out, she'd bought Martini and when would I be there? I told her to meet me at this and that place at eight, and so we went..
Her bottle of Martini was quite humongous, and her purse was not big enough to stuff it in. Neither was mine, so we wrapped it in MY coat. Then we went to the bar, sat there, smoked a bit, then went out to go drink that Martini. Thing is, I didn't like it very much, and for her to drink the whole thing in one bit was a bit...well...You know, easy to get you drunk.
So we went back to the bar for a bit, Martini safe in my jacket. At this point it was all good fun. A bit later we met up with my boyfriend and his friend. Let's call them D and P. D, P and M all drunk from the Martini, I didn't because, frankly, it's disgusting when pure.
The last of the Martini we put in a plastic bottle and put it in D's bag.
A bit later we went out again to drink the rest of it. D had also brought some concoction of his own, which was yucky anyway, and I was just holding the bottle of Martini, owned by M, and then the police came. So, I got a ticket for HOLDING alcohol which wasn't even mine! How ridiculous is that....I couldn't say it was M's either, because she is not yet sixteen and has had many problems with the police, so she'd be in bigger problems than me. So I thought. Anyway, she said she'd pay half of it, so that makes it 30 euro for me and 30 for her. Even though I think she should pay 2/3 of it, since it was hers and I had taken the fall for her.
Then, when my dad had picked me up, *I already called him right after the Police-incident to tell him* M said; You should've said it was mine. Since I am fifteen, maybe the ticket wouldn't have been so high.
I was like; WHAT??! YOU could have told the police it was YOURS in the first place when I was being interrogated by them! *the police lady was very kind, though*
So, yeah, that's why I am so pissed off on this lovely sunday morning. I mean, if it had been my own alcohol and I had been drinking it at the time, okay, my fault. But that wasn't the case, and that's what makes me so angry. At the police and M, both.
Why does it have to be so ridiculously expensive, anyway?
On the bright side...Me and D are now like Bonnie and Clyde, cuz he got a ticket as well for his concoction... Heheh :P
Now I need one of those red flowers...

I have recently admitted to myself that I go from obsession to obsession. It was Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Esp. Spike, yum) Harry Potter (which always makes a comeback) Pokemon (same here) Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Supernatural and now it is Gossip Girl.
It has gone that far that I find myself changing my personal clothing style, which changes about every day anyway, but instead of it always being you know, edgy , slightly Jrock inspired and thrown together, it has now made a beeline for preppy *yet still me* and Blair-like.
But how can one not be inspired by Blair Waldorf?

Not to mention that she gets to be chased by about the hottest boy evahhhh

Done fanning yourself or any other (dirty) business?
Anyway...I've been making lil' bows and buying more tights ever since I got so completely hooked on this show. Which I watch here; http://www.watch-gossip-girl.com/episodes/season-one/episode-1-the-pilot.html
Anyway...I will stop my latest update nao...Oh and check out Urulover_426
she has got to be one of my favourite writers on here. So if you , which I doubt, haven't read any of her work GO DO THAT!
Yes, that's an order!* AND I MEAN YOU, KRISJEEEE*

Hai, it's mi spammin yur inboxzz

Ignore the naff subject title thingy.
I was feeling giddy.
So, for all of you people who don't know, I have an account on fanfiction.net.
The link is ;
Yes, go visit
It was not a silent hint. It's a big shouting one.
Why would I be posting this, you may wonder? It's not like I crave reviews ...Oh wait, I do. Never mind, it wasn't about that. It was about this Adecco add which scares me out of my PANTS every time I go on there. I don't know why it's there or why it has to make sound. Before this ad, there was the IMVU which spoke to me creepily...It said; Hi, I'm Sarah...Who are you?
And every time I was like; YIKES! THERE"S A PERSON IN MY COMPUTER!
Anyway, I also wanted to recommend some fics.
If you hate Harry Potter and more importantly, slash fics, than don't bother going on.

These are all crack.
Good writers are;
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1265079/Lomonaaeren ( you MUST check her out)
she's gooood!

Anyway, Jjacks48 on youtube has set up a new channel for actors, writers and producers etc and I have just sent an email saying I would like to write scripts for them! So, wish me luck!